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If you still have additional questions after reviewing this web site please call and schedule a free 15 minute consultation.


What is a Natural Health Consultant?

We are health care options educators who provide information about a discipline of medicine that utilizes natural methods of healing.  These methods include nutritional counseling, homeopathy, botanical medicine, and hydrotherapy.  These modalities are targeted towards the root cause of the disease and therefore are often more effective then medications that are aimed at palliating symptoms.

Our educational consultations focus on the whole person.  Lifestyle, diet, stress, relationships, and genetics all play a role in disease and are all taken into account when assessing a person's medical history.  

In a health care system where medical mistakes are the fourth leading cause of death, we offer information on possible alternatives.  We help you use your bodies own natural ability to heal itself and therefore have less potential to cause harm.  

A natural health consultation will provide the client with knowledge and resources to make proactive choices about their health. A natural health consultation does not provide clients medical and/or heath care services. Please review the "Disclosure and Release" document for more information.


What supplements should you be taking for your age?

How about with your medications?

To avoid diseases such as Cancer, alzheimer's, and osteoporosis?

What brands are safe and reliable?

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Natural Health Educator

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